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Cradle of flavor

Home cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
Cradle of flavor
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28,49 €

Author: James Oseland
Availability: 10 días
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa dura, 384 pp, 21x26 cm
Publisher: Norton, 2006, 9780393054774
Publisher review:
Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Asian food, along comes James Oseland’s Cradle of flavor. Oseland will take you on a culinary journey to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, the tropical archipelago that lies between Thailand and Australia. Native home of nutmeg, cloves, galangal, and turmenic – and some of the most lavishly spiced dishes on the planet – these countries have lured spice seekers for millennia.
In 1982, Oseland, an art student living in San Francisco, was invited to the region by a fellow classmate, Tanya. In short order, he was seduced by the fresh, flavorful foods he ate: spice-infused curries, bright vegetable stir-fries, and succulent satays.
Hungry to know how these dishes were prepared, Oseland ventured into the family’s kitchen. There he was a foreigner twice over; in Indonesia, cooking is usually the province of women. Still, he learned the secrets of Indonesian cooking, from how to grind chiles to how to choose the freshest vegetables at the market.
Over the next two decades, he immersed himself in the regional cuisines of the Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra, and the Spice Islands, as well as of neighboring Malaysia and Singapore, countries whose foods are closely linked to those of Indonesia. He tredded through rice paddies, shopped in open-air markets, slurped noodles in food stalls, and became friends with the finest home cooks and street vendors, always taking notes.
In Cradle of flavor, Oseland invites readers to share in his passion. More than a cookbook, it celebrates colorful people, majestic places, and unforgettable food. Among the book’s unique features:
- 100 authentic recipes for a full range of dishes, from sambals, dipping sauces, and street foods to foods of celebration (goat, beef, and pork);
- recipes for such classics as Gado-gado, Chicken satay, Beef rendang… even a recipe for a Singapore Sling cocktail;
- many dishes for non-meat eaters, including Tempe and tofu braises and Citrusy vegetable salads.
- evocative stories that take you through the Spice Islands on a fishing boat, transport you to a Jakarta satay stall, and make you feel like a guest at a wedding feast in a Malaysian village;
- a detailed chapter, “In the Kitchen”, that walks you thorugh cooking techniques, including how to grind spices and aromatics to make flavoring pastes and what visual cues will tell you when a curry is fully cooked;
- a richly detailed glossary, written with the expertise of years spent navigating Asian markets, providing every tip imaginable, from how to decipher the label on a can of coconut milk to choosing the freshest bundle of water spinach and locating an ingredient on the Internet;
- detailed maps of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, plus vivid descriptions of the distinct cuisines of each;
- 16 pages of full color, featuring a color photograph of all the ingredients you will need to make the recipes.
Oseland’s twenty-three-year love affair with Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and their people has resulted in an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the world’s cuisines. Whether you have visited the countries before or have never experienced the region’s extraordinary cuisine firsthand, the beauty of Oseland’s writing and the clarity of his recipes make this book one that you’ll turn to again and again.

About the author:
James Oseland is the executive editor of Saveur. He has written for Food & Wine, Gourmet, the Village Voice, and Vogue. He has been traveling to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore for over twenty years. A native of California, he now lives in New York City.
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