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Dining out

Secrets from America's leading critics, chefs and restaurateurs
Dining out
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24,38 €

Author: Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
Michael Donnelly (photographs)
Availability: en stock
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa blanda, 344 pp, 18,5x23 cm
Publisher: Wiley, 1998, 047129277X
Publisher review:
Just as food has become our national obsession, so has dining out virtually become its own sport. Dining enthusiasts, eager to get the take on new restaurants and the status of old favorites, look to restaurant critics and their discerning palates for guidance. So, who are these secretive personalities who often dine incognito and whose public judgments can make or break a restaurant or chef? Be a guest at their private table in DINING OUT: Secrets from America's Leading Critics, Chefs, and Restaurateurs, the first book to demystify the critical process and to unlock the secrets of a great restaurant experience.
Drawing on extensive interviews and research, co-authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page expose the wide-ranging experiences and insights of dozens of the most powerful palates in America, among them Gael Greene of New York, John Mariani of Esquire, Ruth Reichl of The New York Times, Phyllis Richman of The Washington Post, David Rosengarten and Caroline Bates of Gourmet, Patricia Unterman of The San Francisco Examiner, S. Irene Virbila of The Los Angeles Times, and Dennis Ray Wheaton of Chicago. They reveal their occasionally outlandish schemes for remaining anonymous—and what happens when their covers are blown! The critics also divulge how they review restaurants, what they think about the star system, and how they temper their personal biases when judging food, service, and ambiance.
Then Dornenburg and Page turn the tables, sharing the sentiments of well-known chefs and restaurateurs from across the country as they review the restaurant critics, from their credentials and rating systems to the forceful impact of their reviews. The chefs and owners of dozens of celebrated restaurants including Al Forno, Campanile, Chez Panisse, East Coast Grill, Fleur de Lys, Frontera Grill, Le Cirque 2000, Red Sage, and Stars offer their own definitions of excellence in food, service, and setting, and reflect on the role that the customer plays in the total dining experience.
Special features of the book include:
—A guide to leading food critics' favorite restaurants across America
—Restaurant review resources available on the Internet
—Advice from renowned sommeliers Larry Stone of Rubicon and Jean-Luc Le Dû of Daniel, and maître fromager Max McCalman of Picholine
—Musings by Pulitzer Prize-winning critics of architecture, media, and music on how they might approach restaurant criticism
—Special interviews with Danny Meyer on Providing Hospitality and Mark Miller on The Progress of American Gastronomy

About the autor:
Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page are co-authors of a groundbreaking trilogy of books chronicling America's vibrant restaurant culture. Dornenburg has cooked professionally in some of the best restaurants on the East Coast, including Arcadia, Judson Grill, and March in New York City, and Biba and the East Coast Grill in Boston. He attended the School for American Chefs, where he studied with Madeleine Kamman. Page, the recipient of the 1997 Melitta Bentz Award for Women's Achievement, is a graduate of the Harvard Business School (whose alumnae network she heads) and Northwestern University, which named her to The Council of 100 (leading alumnae).

Book Reviews
This book will enrich and enlighten anyone with an interest in dining out.—Patrick O'Connell, chef-owner, The Inn at Little Washington
The King of Spain is waiting in the bar, but your table is ready.—Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque to New York Times restaurant critic Ruth Reichl
If you've invested $1.5 million in a project and certain people can crush you like a bug if they have a bad time, you're a fool if you're not trying to find out who these people are, what they look like, and when they're in.—Bob Kinkead, chef-owner, Kinkead's

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