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Alice Waters and Chez Panisse

The romantic, impractical, often eccentric, ultimately brilliant making of a food revolution
Alice Waters and Chez Panisse
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23,27 €

Author: Thomas McNamee
Availability: en stock
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa dura, 400 pp, 16,5x24 cm
Publisher: The Penguin Press, 2007, 9781594201158
Publisher review:
In this authorized biography of Alice Waters, Thoms McNamee narrates the colorful behind-the-scenes story of Alice Waters, Chez Panisse, and the food revolution that took root and flourished in Berkeley, California, and spread across the nation. McNamee was granted uprecedented access to Alice’s friends, her family, and private Chez Panisse archives. He uses his unique insight to document the restaurant’s journey from its wild early days of burned-out waiters, inconsistent and ambitious amateur chefs, and thirty thousand dollars in “missing” wine to its status as one of America’s greatest restaurants.
In 1971 – at a time when it was nearly impossible to find a cappuccino or a croissant in this country, and goat cheese and mesclun were virtually unheard of – a young Francophile named Alice Waters opened a small countercultural restaurant called Chez Panisse in an old two-story stucco house in Berkeley. Without an ounce of business sense or financial discipline, Alice and a motley assortment of friends and dreamers launched an entirely new food culture, incorporating ethics, politics, and the conviction that the best-grown food will also be the most delicious.
Alice was greatly influenced by the time she had spent in France as a student, and Chez Panisse embodied the nuanced aesthetic she had experienced abroad. Chez Panisse became a place devoted to details: freshly cut flowers, softly lit dining spaces, and luxuriously paced meals were nearly as important to the dining experience as the food itself. Yet from the outset, a humble attitude and friendly spirit balanced Chez Panisse’s insistence on uncompromising excellence. The restaurant was created in part as a tribute to the convivial tavern on the Marseille waterfront in Marcel Pagnol’s films, “where friends could laugh, argue, flirt, and drink wine for hours on end”, and it remains such a place today.
From day one, Chez Panisse has been dedicated to using the finest of ingredients, and its kitchen has evolved to become the premier American exemplar of the “market cooking” that Alice so admired in Europe. Committed to using seasonal, organic products from local sources, Chez Panisse has come to embody a cuisine that is as politically conscious as it is pleasurable. Though inspired by traditional domestic and international culinary practices, Chez Panisse boasts offering that are unique, earning Alice the title “the mother of American cooking” from The New York Times. Alice Waters and Chez Panisse provides an insider’s understanding of how the restaurant has developed through the years to become the finely tuned organization it is today. The book also features previously unpublished “narrative recipes” from Alice and the Chez Panisse extended family.
Alice and Chez Panisse have grown and matured together. As advocates for fresh, mindfully grown food, prepared simply and eaten with awareness, they have revolutionized how we think about food, how it’s grown, how we cook, and how we eat.

About the author:
Thomas McNamee was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1947, and grew up there and in New York City. He graduated from Yale University in 1969. He is the author of The grizzly bear, Nature first, A story of deep delights, and The return of the wolf to Yellowstone. He wrote the documentary film Alexander Calder, which was broadcast on the PBS American Masters series in 1998 and received both a George W. Peabody Award and an Emmy. His essays, poems, journalism, criticism, and natural history writing have been widely published, and he is a frequent contributor to The New York Times Book Review.
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