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Author: Pierre Hermé, Coco Jobard, Ève-Marie Zizza-Lalu
Laurent Fau (photographs)
Availability: 2 semanas
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa dura, 288 pp, 30,5x26,5 cm
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2011, 9781584799450
Features: Fotografías a color

Formats and editions:
- French edition.
- English edition.

Publisher review:
When biting into the crown of soft pastry oozing with fluffy cream, lovers of the Paris-Brest cake should spare a thought for cyclists – this, their favorite dessert, in the shape of a wheel, pays homage to the Paris-Brest cycle race, started by Pierre Giffard in 1891.
Each sugary treat has its story, and Pastries untangles the history behind fifty desserts, separating legend from truth and delving into the wars, the political intrigue, the round-the-world journeys, and other surprising events that inspired the most delicious pastries.
Also exploring the evolution of desserts over time, the stories that introduce each featured dessert divulge how great chefs have built upon and improved these pastries, and master pastry chef Pierre Hermé embraces this spirit of innovation in inspired recipes that follow the originals. First sharing his recipes for the great classics of French pastry and other definitive desserts from around the world, Hermé then reveals how to reinvent the. Detailed, step-by-step recipes and luscious images by food photographer Laurent Fau show how to master both the classic and unique interpretations of each delicacy.
The chef, famous for his incomparable and creative flavor combinations, makes both subtle and far-reaching alterations to well-known desserts. From the starting point of a Peach melba comes Hermé’s recipe for an unconventional Sundae made of Hoegaarden beer ice cream, crunchy dried apples, sautéed pears, lemon, and cardamom. His Croissants are filled with rose-scented almond paste and a compote of raspberries and lychees; his take on the Saint-Honeré cake involves a combination of green tea, chestnut, and passion fruit; and his Crème brûlée makes use of the natural sweetness of foie gras accented by caramelized mango and raspberries.
The more than one hundred recipes featured in Pastries flaunt Hermé’s mastery of technique and showcase the talent for combining textures and flavors that has earned him a reputation as one of the world’s most skilled and inventive pastry chefs.

- Introduction.
- The doyens of pâtisserie.
- Pâtisserie with terroir.
- Multi-storied pâtisserie.
- La pâtisserie moderne.

About the author:
Pierre Hermé is universally acknowledged as the king of French pastry with shops in Tokyo, Paris and London. He is the best, and has even been described as a couturier of pastry. This is a man at the top of his art and there is no question his macarons are in a league of their own. A fourth-generation pastry chef from Alsace, Pierre Hermé began his career at the age of fourteen with Gaston Lenôtre. His extraordinary creativity and desire to pass on his knowledge of “haute patisserie” have won him the respect and esteem of all his fellow pastry chefs and the admiration of connoisseurs. For his universally acclaimed talents, Pierre Hermé has become famous the world over and achieved recognition as the French chef who brought baking into the 21st century. Using meticulously selected and applied ingredients, as well as precise, detailed methods and simple, unostentatious presentations, Pierre Hermé, guided “by pleasure alone”, has invented a unique world of flavours, sensations and delight. He is author of several books:
- Plaisirs sucrés (available in pocket edition)
Desserts by Pierre Hermé (in French Mes desserts préférés).
La pâtisserie de Pierre Hermé (in Spanish and French La pastelería de Pierre Hermé).
Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé (in French Mes desserts au chocolat).
- Larousse de los postres (in French Larousse des desserts).
- Secrets gourmands.
- Saveurs d’enfance.
- Larousse del chocolate (in French Larousse du chocolat).
- ph 10 (also available in French).
- Gourmandises.
- Confidences sucrées.
Macarons (in French Macaron).
- Carrément chocolat.
- Infiniment.
Pastries (in French Rêves de pâtissier).

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