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Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé

Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé
Chocolate desserts by Pierre HerméChocolate desserts by Pierre HerméChocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé
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42,33 €

Author: Pierre Hermé, Dorie Greenspan
Jean Louis Bloch-Lainé (photographs)
Availability: a consultar
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa dura, 304 pp, 22x28,5 cm
Publisher: Little, Brown, 2001, 9780316357418
Features: Fotografías a color
Publisher review:
In their second collaboration, the award-winning duo of Pierre Hermé and Dorie Greenspan unveil the secrets of sumptuous chocolate desserts. In these pages you willl find a dazzlingly delicious collection of recipes, all featuring the world’s most intoxicating ingredient: chocolate.
If there is a secret to the sensuality of Pierre Hermé’s desserts, it just may be his intricate refinement of taste, texture, and temperature. Surely, this is what makes all of his desserts such a pleasure to eat.
Here you will find the simplest chocolate truffle – Black-on-black truffles, bite-size balls of bitter-sweet ganache tossed in dark cocoa – as well as the luxuriously soft and rich Suzy’s cake, which is spectacularly delicious yet quite simple to make. Chic desserts, such as the Triple crème – individual ramekins layered with espresso crème brûlée, rich chocolate cream, and pure unsweetened whipped cream – or a cup of French-style hot chocolate, or a gâteau de résistence, such as Plaisir sucré, will be the triumphant end to any meal or the centerpiece for any celebration. Through these more than seventy-five recipes, you will have the many pleasures of tasting chocolate in all its states – hot and cold, creamy and crunchy, smooth and custardy, thick and chewy, bittersweet and sweet, dark, milk, and white.
Whether you are an expert in the dessert kitchen or a beginner with a desire for the delicious, this collection will introduce you to the myriad delights of Pierre Hermé’s desserts, his unusual juxtapositions of ingredients, his conjurer’s touch with textures, and his always perfect pitch when it comes to sweetness, tartness, and chocolatey-ness.
Finally, there are the indispensable base recipes and a dictionary of terms, techniques, equipment, and ingredients. Together they form a complete course in chocolate dessert artistry. Each recipe has been written with the American kitchen in mind, so that everyone with a passion for the richness of chocolate desserts can now enjoy Pierre Hermé’s sublime creations at home.

About the author:
Pierre Hermé, dubbed the Picasso of Pastry by Vogue magazine, is a fourth-generation pastry chef. Raised in Alsace, he apprenticed to the legendary Gaston Lenôtre when he was just fourteen and at twenty-four took over the famed pastry kitchens of Fauchon in Paris. It was at Fauchon that his extraordinary dessert repertoire began gaining worldwide attention. In 1997 he was decorated as a Chevalier of Arts and Letters and named France’s Pastry Chef of the Year. He has pastry shops in Paris and Tokyo and is the author of several books.
Dorie Greenspan is the author of several cookbooks, including Baking with Julia, the award-winning, bestselling companion volume to Julia Child’s PBS television series. She is a columnist for Bon Appetit, and her articles and recipes have appeared in the New York Times, Food & Wine, and other national publications. She divides her time between New York City and Paris. She is author of Desserts by Pierre Hermé (in French Mes desserts préférés), Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé (in French Mes desserts au chocolat) and Café Boulud cookbook.

- Introduction.
- Chocolate cakes plain and grand.
- Chocolate cookies simple and sophisticated.
- Creamy, crunchy, nutty, and fruit-filled chocolate tarts.
- Puddings, creams, custards, mousses, and more chocolate desserts.
- Truffles and other luxurious chocolate candies.
- Ice cream scoops, coupes, sundaes, splits, and other frozen chocolate desserts.
- Hot and cold chocolate drinks.
- Base recipes.
- A dictionary of terms, techniques, equipment, and ingredients.

Book reviews:
“What a book! To learn about chocolate from Pierre Hermé is like taking acting lessons from Olivier or painting instruction from Matisse. And I had thought I knew something about chocolate! Have I mentioned that Pierre is the greatest French pastry chef in the world? Or that I own every cookbook Dorie Greenspan has written? Or that Jean-Louis Bloch-Lainé is one of the great food photographers, who captures here both the inner light and surface dazzle of great pastry? (I belive the word is numinousness.) Hermé, Greenspan, and Bloch-Lainé: this is the Dream Team of chocolate.” Jeffrey Steingarten, food critic at Vogue and author of The man who ate everything and It must’ve been something I ate.
“If you think there is nothing more to be learned about chocolate, try these sensuous, intense recipes from the innovative and classic master chocolatier Pierre Hermé. They are straight from heaven!” Jacques Pépin, author of The apprentice and coauthor of Julia and Jacques cooking at home.
Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé will make you run into the kitchen, book in one hand and pounds of chocolate in the other. The recipes are deliciously inspired, and Dorie Greenspan’s crystal-clear prose makes following the recipes a joy. Chocolates sales will skyrocket!” Nick Malgieri, author of Cookies unlimited and Chocolate.
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