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La cocina... es amor, arte, técnica

La cocina... es amor, arte, técnica
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Author: Hervé This, Pierre Gagnaire
Availability: en stock
Language: Español
Format: Tapa blanda, 288 pp, 17x24 cm
Publisher: Acribia, 2008, 9788420011158
Publisher review:
From its intriguing opening question – "How can we reasonably judge a meal?" – to its rewarding conclusion, this beautiful book picks up where Brillat-Savarin left off almost two centuries ago. Hervé This, a cofounder (with the late physicist Nicholas Kurti) of the new approach to studying the scientific basis of cooking known as molecular gastronomy, investigates the question of culinary beauty in a series of playful, lively, and erudite dialogues. Considering the place of cuisine in Western culture, This explores an astonishing variety of topics and elaborates a revolutionary method for judging the art of cooking. Many of the ideas he introduces in this culinary romance are illustrated by dishes created by Pierre Gagnaire, whose engaging commentaries provide rare insights into the creative inspiration of one of the world's foremost chefs. The result is an enthralling, sophisticated, freewheeling dinner party of a book that also makes a powerful case for openness and change in the way we think about food.

- Introducciones.
En la cocina, lo bonito es bueno
- El arte culinario existe.
- Cocina artesana, cocina artística.
- El tema de la tradición, la solución del amor.
- La cuestión de la naturaleza.
- El reconocimiento de un arte culinario.
Lo bello antiguo
- En el origen de lo bello.
- La belleza a través de los numerous… ¿en la cocina?.
- La idea, en la cocina.
- Aristóteles y la sutileza.
Lo bonito clásico
- La elaboración de la buena mística.
- Platos como catedrales.
- El cerebro, Tomás de Aquino y el colorante verde césped.
- La estética durante la Edad Media.
- La alegoría: una estética de correspondencia.
Hacia la invención liberada
- Las ramificaciones medievales.
- ¡Otra vez la influencia oculta de Aristóteles!.
- El despertar del Renacimiento.
- A partir del Renacimiento.
- Las luces de Occidente y de Oriente.
- La naturaleza superada.
La cocina de hoy en día
- Mil corrientes diferentes que tejen la modernidad.
- Ayer.
- ¿Y mañana?.
- Mil cocinas de autores.
- En busca del caldo perfecto.

About the author:
Hervé This is a physical chemist on the staff of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique in Paris. He is the author of several books about food and cooking, and a monthly contributor to Pour la Science, the French-language edition of Scientific American. He is author of:
- Kitchen mysteries (in French Les secrets de la casserole, in Spanish Los secretos de los pucheros).
- Révélations gastronomiques (in Spanish La cocina y sus misterios).
- Los niños en la cocina.
- Traité élémentaire de cuisine (in Spanish Tratado elemental de cocina).
- Molecular gastronomy (in French Casseroles et éprouvettes, in Spanish Cacerolas y tubos de ensayo).
- Cooking. The quintessential art (in French La cuisine, in Spanish La cocina... es amor, arte, técnica).
- Building a meal (in French Construisons un repas).
- Alchimistes aux fourneaux.
He appears in the DVD:
- Los alquimistas de la cocina.
Pierre Gagnaire was born into a family of restaurateurs and opened his first restaurant in 1980 in St.-Etienne. In 1996 he opened his third restaurant, his first in Paris, and now also owns restaurants in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. He is the author of:
- La cuisine inmediate.
- Pierre Gagnaire. Reflections on Culinary Artistry (in French Sucré - salé).
- Cooking. The quintessential art (in French La cuisine, in Spanish La cocina... es amor, arte, técnica).
- Alchimistes aux fourneaux.
- Reinventing French cuisine (in French Lucide et ludique, in Spanish Lúcido y lúdico.
He appears in the DVDs:
- L’invention de la cuisine. Pierre Gagnaire.
- Los alquimistas de la cocina.
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