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Dolce Italiano

Desserts from the Babbo kitchen
Dolce Italiano
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29,14 €

Author: Gina DePalma
Mario Batali (foreword), Gentl & Hyers/Edge (photographs)
Availability: en stock
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa dura, 302 pp, 21x26 cm
Publisher: Norton, 2007, 9780393061000
Publisher review:
Perhaps you’ve eaten in Italian restaurants or even cooked Italian food for years. You may stock your pantry with fruity Tuscan olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. You probably own more than one Italian cookbook. But what do you really know about Italian desserts? Of course there are cannoli and tiramisu. But beyond these standards, what is an Italian dessert, and what is it that makes a dessert Italian?
In Dolce Italiano, Gina DePalma, the pastry chef at Mario Batali’s Babbo restaurant in New York City, answers these questions and introduces you to a whole new Italian food experience. Gina shows you that Italian desserts contain everything you love about good Italian food, changing the way you eat, bake, and thingk about dessert in general. Gina’s creations are a revelation: they are simple, fresh-tasting desserts composed of all the essentials of Italian cooking.
But what are the essential? In a section called “Ten Italian ingredients you should know”, Gina reveals that Italian desserts are made from the same ingredients as the country’s savory dishes. If you’ve always loved polenta, you’ll find the deep corn flavor and chewy texture it adds to Polenta and sesame biscotti and Citrus-glazed polenta cake just as alluring. And if you use extra-virgin olive oil in everything from salads to pasta sauce, why not use it to perfume Zucchini-olive oil cake with lemon crunch glaze? Or to drizzle over Dreaming-of-summer oranges for a light, refreshing taste of the beach?
Dolce Italiano is not just a cookbook – it’s a book that will teach you how to bake with Italian ingredients in a way that emphasizes their best features. Heavenly panna cotta adds fresh sheep’s-milk ricotta to the traditional cooked cream, resulting in a dessert with a velvety, feather-light texture and a flavor that sings of Italy. Gina’s Honey and pine nut tart bursts with the tastes and smells of its two main ingredients, melding sweet and salty, soft and crunchy.
Gina gives us the full range of Italian desserts, including cookies, cakes, spoon desserts, tarts, ice creams, sorbets, and semifreddos, fried sweets, recipes for fresh fruit, celebration desserts, and ending with savory crackers and breadsticks. Torta Caprese, or Chocolate and walnut torte from Capri, is a specialty from the sunny southern island, and Sfinci di San Giuseppe, or Saint Joseph’s Day cream puffs, are the classic walnut-flavored dessert for the Feast of San Giuseppe on March 19. There is an uncomplicated dessert for every season and occasion here, a dish that will impress guests at a dinner party but also will be easy enough to bake in addition to cooking a full menu of savory foods. An essay extolling the virtues of Italian cheeses helps you assemble the perfect cheese plate to serve instead of (or in addition to) dessert.
Gina DePalma’s style and philosophy of baking mean that a dessert is no longer an indulgence for special occasions, or an afterthought tacked on once the main course is finished. These desserts will become as integral a part of your meals as any other dish. You’ll come away from Dolce Italiano with 100 new recipes for your repertoire but also with a new understanding of Italian ingredients, baking methods, tradition, and even history as gina invites you to share in her decade in the Babbo kitchen and a lifetime of cooking and eating Italian food.

About the author:
Gina DePalma grew up in a close-knit Italian family and learned to cook alongside her mother and grandmother. She worked in the pastry kitchen of the Gramercy Tavern and was the pastry chef of The Cub Room before being hired by Mario Batali for the opening of Babbo in 1998. She has been nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Pastry Chef Award. DePalma lives in Brooklyn, New York.

- Introduction.
- Learning Italian.
- Ten Italian ingredients you should know.
- Equipment.
- Cookies.
- Cakes.
- Spoon desserts.
- Tarts.
- Ice creams, sorbets, and semifreddos.
- All things fried.
- Ways with fruit.
- Celebrations.
- Savory bites.

Book reviews:
“It is a rare and beautiful thing when reading a cookbook that you get the powerful sense that someone is talking to you; telling you interesting things not only about the food they are writing about but also about themselves. Gina DePalma’s Dolce Italiano is as entertaining and informative for its substantial and wonderfully written essays as it is invaluable for its recipes. An inspiring and comprehensive love letter to regional Italian desserts – and an absolute joy to read”. Anthony Bourdain, author of Kitchen Confidential and host of No Reservations.
“Gina is a genius with pastry, and her recipes take me back to my childhood in Italy, where my love of desserts was born. Her inspired twists on the traditional are evident in her Chocolate and walnut torte from Capri and the Three-cheese tart with chocolate and orange – these recipes could very well become my new best friends”. Gina de laurentiis, author of Everyday pasta and host of Everyday Italian.
“Gina DePalma could easily take her place as the matriarch of the Italian dessert table. In her first book, Dolce Italiano, she gives us simple recipes that bring forth rich and genuine Italian flavors. These are the same desserts that have had the clientele at Babbo swooning since the restaurant’s opening”. Lidia Bastianich, PBS cooking star and author of Lidia’s Italian table.
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