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Alchimistes aux fourneaux

Alchimistes aux fourneaux
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44,00 €

Author: Pierre Gagnaire, Hervé This
Rip Hopkins (fotografías)
Availability: en stock
Language: Francés
Format: Tapa dura, 224 pp, 24,5x31,5 cm
Publisher: Flammarion, 2007, 9782082015349
Features: Fotografías a color
- De la gastronomie et des sciences, Pierre Gagnaire.
- Quels musées pour la cuisine?, Hervé This.
- Délices de la campagne.
- Table des principaux sujets de ce livre.
- Livre I.
- Livre II.
- Livre III.
- Instructions pour les festins.
- Glossaire.

About the author:
Hervé This is a physical chemist on the staff of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique in Paris. He is the author of several books about food and cooking, and a monthly contributor to Pour la Science, the French-language edition of Scientific American. He is author of:
- Kitchen mysteries (in French Les secrets de la casserole, in Spanish Los secretos de los pucheros).
- Révélations gastronomiques (in Spanish La cocina y sus misterios).
- Los niños en la cocina.
- Traité élémentaire de cuisine (in Spanish Tratado elemental de cocina).
- Molecular gastronomy (in French Casseroles et éprouvettes, in Spanish Cacerolas y tubos de ensayo).
- Cooking. The quintessential art (in French La cuisine, in Spanish La cocina... es amor, arte, técnica).
- Building a meal (in French Construisons un repas).
- Alchimistes aux fourneaux.
He appears in the DVD:
- Los alquimistas de la cocina.
Pierre Gagnaire was born into a family of restaurateurs and opened his first restaurant in 1980 in St.-Etienne. In 1996 he opened his third restaurant, his first in Paris, and now also owns restaurants in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. He is the author of:
- La cuisine inmediate.
- Pierre Gagnaire. Reflections on Culinary Artistry (in French Sucré - salé).
- Cooking. The quintessential art (in French La cuisine, in Spanish La cocina... es amor, arte, técnica).
- Alchimistes aux fourneaux.
- Reinventing French cuisine (in French Lucide et ludique, in Spanish Lúcido y lúdico.
He appears in the DVDs:
- L’invention de la cuisine. Pierre Gagnaire.
- Los alquimistas de la cocina.
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