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A platter of figs and other recipes

A platter of figs and other recipes
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29,14 €

Author: David Tanis
Alice Waters (prólogo), Christopher Hirsheimer (fotografías)
Availability: en stock
Language: Inglés
Format: Tapa dura, 294 pp, 20x26 cm
Publisher: Artisan, 2008, 9781579653460
Features: Fotografías a color
Publisher review:
Davis Tanis might cook in the most famous restaurant in America, but here he is all about keeping meals simple at home.
In this eloquent appeal for good sense in cooking great food, David Tanis serves up twenty-four seasonal menus that are simply conceived and simply served – on platters, family style. His food bursts with invention and flavour, such as Wild salmon with spicy Vietnamese cucumbers to celebrate spring and Braised duck with fried ginger for a cool-weather dinner.
Tanis has an elemental, unpretentious finesse with ingredients and a genuine gift for words. Deliciously down-to-earth, his intuitive menus make cooking a pleasure, not a stress – whether you’re “Feeling Italian” (Steamed fennel with red pepper oil; Roasted quail with grilled radicchio and creamy polenta; Italian plum cake), “Slightly All-American” (Sliced tomatoes with sea salt; Grilled chicken breasts; Corn, squash, and beans with Jalapeño butter; Blueberry-Blackberry crumble), or “Too Darned Hot, Alors!” (Provençal toasts; Melon and figs with prosciutto and mint; Deconstructed salade Niçoise; Lavender honey ice cream).
“David’s recipes are simple and marvellous”, says cookbook author Paula Wolfert. “What more can a food lover want?” Tanis shows you how to slow down, pay attention, give ingredients their due, and provide meals that will delight friends and family.
Here, at last, is a cookbook that has nothing to do with celebrity chefdom and everything to do with real life. Cancel the dinner reservations and pick up this book – and rediscover the pleasure of cooking at home.

- Foreword, Alice Waters.
- A way to eat.
Spring menus
- Favas and other harbingers.
- How to cook a rabit.
- A cold spring.
- Supper of the lamb.
- Salmon on my mind.
- Duck for dinner.
Summer menus
- To darned hot, alors!
- Slightly all-American.
- Yellow hunger.
- Feeling Italian, part I.
- Viva fish tacos.
- Hot day, cold chicken.
Fall menus
- Feeling Italian, part II.
- In Catalonia.
- The bean soup lunch.
- Another early autumn.
- Dinner for a Tuscan.
- A simple Moroccan supper.
Winter menus
- Tapas party.
- Slow beef.
- Nuevo Mexico.
- Feeling Italian, part III.
- Peasant fare from a Parisian kitchen.
- North African comfort food.

About the author:
Six months a year, David Tanis holds the prestigious post of head chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, where he’s been working since the 1980s. During his long collaboration with Alice Waters, he has helped to define the restaurant’s wildly influential style. He spends the other half of the year in Paris, where he hosts a private dining club, preparing meals in a six-by-ten-foot galley kitchen in his 17th century apartment, with a less-than-adequate stove, a small sink, little counter space, and a half-dozen well-used pots and pans. When he’s not cooking in restaurants, he’s cooking for friends at home or ogling vegetables at far-flung open-air markets. Tanis has been featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, and Saveur.

Book reviews:
“A book of great beauty and, much more rare, real wisdom about food, one that manages to instruct and delight in equal measure”. Michael Pollan, author of In defense of food.
“This is a book to cook from. I absolutely love it”. Madhur Jaffrey, author of Climbing the Mango Trees.
“David’s book is a distillation of timeless culinary wisdom and warm, wise invention – smart, funny, beautiful, practical, and irresistible”. Judy Rodgers, author of The Zuni Café cookbook.
“David has that rare and admirable talent of making food taste as it should. He can coax a tomato to taste more like a tomato, a fig to taste more like a fig”. Nancy Silverton, author of A twist of the wrist.
“David is a cook, but an artist, and there are so few of them in the world. I can count them on one hand”. Alice Waters, author of The art of simple food.
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